Ahava Hospice

Success Story: Norma Williamson

April 12, 2021

Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to share the successful recovery of resident, Mrs. Norma Williamson. 

Mrs. Williamson came to Boyd Nursing for rehabilitation on Christmas Eve following an extensive hospital stay.  This was a difficult transition for her during the holiday season, however Norma proved herself willful to return home.  Upon coming to Boyd, Norma presented with a host of complications and underlying impairments including severe weakness, immobility, swallowing issues, weight loss, and inability to care for herself. 

Over the course of the following 3 months, Norma actively worked with her rehab team of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists as well as our skilled nursing and dietary professionals to regain her strength and mobility, improve her nutritional intake and dietary level, and restore her to her prior level of functional independence of requiring very minimal physical assistance from caregivers. 

It was an extra blessing this Easter to see Mrs. Williamson return home to her loving family.