Ahava Hospice

Our Mission

Our mission is to show unconditional love through purposeful actions, providing wholehearted, individualized care to those in their end of life journey.

Our Vision

“Compassionate Care, enriched in love.”
L – Luminous care for patients and their families
O – Offering comfort and support during difficult times
V – Valuing every life with dignity and respect
E – Empathetic professionals providing person centered services

Compassionate and end-of-life care to individuals facing terminal illness. Our services encompass a range of support, including pain management, emotional counseling, and spiritual guidance, all aimed at enhancing quality of life during this time. Our team consists of physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers who work collaboratively to address the patients’ and their loved ones’ physical, emotional, and psychological needs.

We truly get to know the patient through the development of personalized care plans and allow the patient to drive the delivery of care in the manner best suited for each individual. This is accomplished through not only comfort and dignity but also focused on the unique and specific wishes of the patient. We continue to follow and to provide support to the family members 12 months beyond the hospice patient’s death.

Our Name

The word ‘Ahava’ has its origins in conveying both ‘love’ and ‘to give’. Genuine love is expressed through dedicated action and constant devotion.