Ahava Hospice

Care Services

Our experienced licensed nurses play a multifaceted role in hospice care. They serve as primary caregivers, providing hands-on medical attention and ensuring the comfort and well-being of patients facing terminal illnesses. Our nurses will assess and manage pain and other symptoms, administer medications, and provide and collaborate with physicians to develop patient-centered plans of care. These caring individuals also educate families about the patient’s condition, provide guidance on caregiving techniques, and facilitate open communication.

Our compassionate social workers play a vital role in hospice care by providing essential emotional and practical support to patients and their families during this challenging and sensitive time. They will assess the psychosocial needs of the patients, help them cope with emotional distress, and offer counseling to address fears, anxiety, and concerns related to end-of-life care. Social workers can also assist families in navigating complex decisions such as advanced care planning, Funeral arrangements, and financial matters.

Our empathetic clergy team plays a significant role in hospice care by offering spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families, respecting their beliefs and values. They provide a comforting presence and offer prayers, rituals, and religious guidance according to the patient’s faith, tradition, or spiritual preferences. The clergy helps patients find meaning, purpose, and peace during their end-of-life journey, addressing existential concerns and assisting with life review and reconciliation.