Ahava Hospice

Success Story: Loma Griffith

January 28, 2022

Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation would like to take to opportunity to share the successful recovery of our patient, Mrs. Loma Griffith.

Mrs. Griffith came to Boyd Nursing for rehabilitation following a fall in which she sustained a hip fracture. Loma’s injury was compounded by a dx of COVID 19 to further complicate her recovery. This was a difficult challenge to overcome. However, being the energetic and outgoing person that she is, Loma proved herself willful to return home. Upon coming to Boyd, Loma presented with a host of complications and underlying impairments including weakness, impaired mobility, and difficulty caring for herself. Over the course of her short rehab stay, Loma actively worked with her rehab team of Physical and Occupational Therapists, as well as our skilled nursing and dietary professionals to regain her strength and mobility in order to restore her to her prior level of function and independent living. Mrs. Griffith has been blessed with several children and grandchildren to love and support her throughout her recovery and are anxiously awaiting her return home. Mrs. Loma, it has truly been a pleasure to help you along this journey! All of us here at Boyd Nursing and Rehab wish you the best.