Ahava Hospice

Success Story: Alesa Mastin

April 23, 2021

Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation is pleased to share our newest success story of Ms. Alesa Mastin! 

Ms. Mastin came to Boyd Nursing for rehab the last of December following a recent knee replacement and complicated hospital stay that left her immobile and unable to care for herself at home. Medical challenges continued to test her will throughout her recovery, but she proved herself a fighter in overcoming COVID-19 in addition to her other medical complications. Initially, Alesa required the assistance of two therapists just to get her to the edge of the bed. She required total care for all mobility and self-care. Nonetheless, Alesa was motivated and willing to put in the hard work and effort to return home. Over the past three and a half months, Alesa has cooperatively and diligently completed an individualized rehab program of strength and balance training, gait training, and self-care training with emphasis on safety and compensatory strategies to regain her functional independence. 

Today, Alesa is walking 150ft with a rollator walker and is performing self-care activities with supervision assistance! This improvement enables Alesa to now return home with the support of her family. Alesa, everyone at Boyd Rehabilitation Center is happy to have been part of your successful recovery and glad to see you reunited with your family and cat, Bella. We wish you the best!